Established: 1943

Renamed: 5 August, 1954
renamed East Coast

Re-established: 1 February, 1965
from part of East Coast

Absorbed: 4 July, 1978
into Turanga

Re-established: 20 August, 1981
from name change of Turanga

Issue: WPU 11a

Ribbon Badge
Light Blue Background

44mm wide

Issue: WPU 11b

Issue: WPU 11c

Ribbon Badge
Orange Background

44mm wide

Issue: WPU 11d

Ribbon Badge
Yellow Background

52mm wide

Issue: WPU 11e

Ribbon Badge
Peach Background
Fold Lines

50mm wide

Issue: WPU 11f

Backed & Bound Badge
Light Yellow Background
Purple Border

55mm x 78mm